What You Need To Know

Everyone wants a clean white smile, it’s the perfect way to look and feel fresh and healthy. 

Teeth whitening is the perfect, non-invasive way to lift the colour of your teeth without the need for permanent treatments such as veneers.

Why Do Our Teeth Disclolour

Teeth naturally yellow over time as we age, however, there are a few variables that speed up the process. 

Regular exposure to beverages such as coffee, tea and alcohol can stain teeth, that’s why frequent check-ups and cleans are so useful for keeping your teeth looking white and fresh. 

Although cleaning removes surface stains, if you want brighter results, teeth whitening treatment is a fantastic solution.

What Are My Teeth Whitening Options

Home Whitening 

Home teeth whitening involves a short trip to your dentist, where an impression of your teeth is taken. Your practice will then prepare a take-home whitening kit which contains your custom whitening trays and dentist grade whitening gel. 

With instruction from your dentist, regular use should result in a noticeable difference in just a few days! 

Your full result will be achieved in around three to four weeks. 

You can repeat the whitening process every 6-12 months to keep your teeth bright and white. Professional whitening gel refills can be purchased from your Kent Town Dental .

The In-Practice Treatment 

In-Practice whitening treatment is an express session that will commonly last around 45 minutes. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and it is activated by a clinical-grade LED light.

Over the counter whitening products are quite popular, however, they may only remove some lighter staining on a temporary basis. These products only work on the tooth’s surface, making them much less effective than professional whitening methods.

Book a consultation to speak with your dentist about the best whitening option for you. This will also ensure that sensitivity or undesirable outcomes are avoided!

To whiten your smile, book a consultation today.

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