Dental Fillings Adelaide

Premium Dental Fillings in Adelaide

For over ten years, Kent Town Dental has been providing services for dental fillings in Adelaide. This treatment involves the restoring of damaged or decaying teeth and repairing cracked or broken teeth. In most cases, it is non-invasive and can usually be completed in just one trip to the dentist. Needless to say, dental filling procedures can be prevented if patients practice proper oral hygiene and frequently visit a dentist for more extensive cleaning and maintenance.


Aside from dental fillings, you can also opt for other repairs and restoration for your damaged teeth. This includes dental crowns and bridges, veneers, dental implants and dentures. We also offer routine treatments for teeth enhancement such as teeth whitening, teeth cleaning and gum disease treatment to ensure your teeth are healthy. By offering these premium services at an affordable price, we remain the preferred dentist in Adelaide.

Dental Fillings Adelaide
Dental Fillings Adelaide

Types Of Dental Fillings in Adelaide

Here are the several options for your dental fillings in Adelaide:


Composite Resins

This type of filling is the most popular since it can replicate the natural colour of your teeth. Since it’s durable, it is expected to last between five to seven years. This varies from person to person.


Porcelain and Ceramic

Also called inlays, these types of dental filling are made to order in a lab. They can be bonded to a tooth and match its natural colour and are known for their longevity and stain resistance.


Silver Amalgam

Amalgam material is wear and tear-resistant but is quite obvious due to its dark appearance.



Although this option is well-tolerated by gum tissues and may last up to 20 years, the material is the least used among all types of dental fillings. This type of filling is quite noticeable and a more expensive option.

Which Dental Filling is Ideal For Me

Dental fillings in Adelaide don’t work the same for everyone. For this reason, an assessment is required to determine what type of filling should be used for your teeth. The extent of repair needed is highly considered. In addition to that, whether or not you have allergies to the material should be determined as well. Not to mention, the amount of cost for the dental filling you choose to be ideal for you.


Aside from that, you should also consider the amount of time the filler will last. However, it will also depend on the severity of your decay or tooth damage. Most of the time, your dentist will examine your tooth’s surface using a mirror. Dentists may require an X-ray as well so they can have a complete view of your teeth. This way, they can assess if dental fillings are still viable or if other options should be considered.

Dental Fillings Adelaide

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