Emergency Dentist Adelaide

What You Need to Know

At Kent Town Dental we understand that some conditions like a toothache, broken tooth, sudden injury or even denture breakages require urgent attention.

That’s why we’ll always do our best to accommodate people with emergency issues on the same day, regardless of whether you’ve seen us or not. Visit us for expert emergency dental services.

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The Preferred Emergency Dentist in Adelaide

Our emergency dentists in Adelaide are known to accommodate all kinds of dental issues. At Kent Town Dental, we try our best to attend to and offer care for patients who require immediate attention. Regardless if you’re a new patient or not, we aim to provide our services within the same day. By doing so, we can prevent other issues from potentially arising due to the parent dental issue.

In addition to emergency services, we also provide general dentistry treatment for gum disease, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and installations for crowns, fillings, implants and dentures. We believe dental services should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer patients with health insurance and guaranteed no-gap pay. Those who don’t have insurance can choose fixed priced payments or an instalment option. With many years of experience, we have been the top choice for many patients throughout Adelaide.

Emergency Dentist Adelaide
Emergency Dentist Adelaide

What Dentists in Adelaide Recommend For Emergency Dental Issues

Here are some tips from our emergency dentist in Adelaide who assists the urgent needs of our patients:

  1. First of all, always rinse your mouth with salted warm water to prevent harmful infections.
  2. If you have a knocked-out tooth, you can still save it by acting quickly. First, find the tooth and pick it up by the crown. Submerge it in a glass of milk and consult us right away to see how we can save your tooth.
  3. For broken teeth, if possible, find and save all pieces of your teeth. Then, apply an ice compress to prevent swelling in your face. Severe toothaches are usually caused by inflammation. So to keep the pain at bay, try to dislodge trapped food by gargling water, gentle flossing or brushing.
  4. Know the difference between medical and dental emergencies. If you’re experiencing
  5. More than oral issues such as traumas to other body parts, rush to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Emergency Treatments By Our Dentist in Adelaide

Our emergency dentists in Adelaide will identify and treat the cause of your problem. In some cases, you may require tooth extraction and surgery to stop further pain and infection. However, keep in mind that this will all depend on the diagnosis. If the tooth is deemed impossible for retraction, the options of an implant, crown or dentures can still save the quality of your smile.

We understand how such emergencies can be scary. This is why we aim to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for both existing and new patients. Additionally, our dentists have many years of experience, ensuring that we deliver the best possible solutions for you at Kent Town Dental. Moreover, it’s another reason to have a regular check-up with a dentist. Doing so will give you the confidence and knowledge to take the actions needed to save your smile.

Emergency Dentist Adelaide

Book an emergency appointment with our dentists in Adelaide and receive urgent care. Kent Town Dental are the experts you can trust with your smile.

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