Teeth Cleaning Adelaide

How Important Teeth Cleaning is for Adelaide Patients

Teeth cleaning is an integral part of an Adelaide patient’s oral health maintenance. Even if you floss or brush your teeth after every meal, it is still necessary to visit a dentist for a cleaning. This is due to the fact that there are areas deemed unreachable for the floss or the brush bristles. By undergoing a dental cleaning procedure, even hardened plaque will be removed, leaving your teeth in tip-top condition.


The duration of this treatment usually lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your teeth’s situation. It always starts with an assessment before removal, polishing, and rinsing. This procedure typically makes patients uncomfortable. Due to the whirring sound the device creates, people often think that this is an invasive procedure. However, it’s not true at all. It’s simple, fast and not painful, so there’s no reason for skipping your teeth cleaning appointment.

Teeth Cleaning Adelaide
Teeth Cleaning Adelaide

Dental Issues That You Can Address with Teeth Cleaning Appointments in Adelaide

If you’re thinking about booking in your teeth cleaning appointments in Adelaide, you’re on the right track to avoiding the long term affects of gum and teeth issues.

  • Gingivitis
    Also known as gum inflammation, gingivitis can cause severe pain and discomfort. You won’t be able to chew properly due to extreme sensitivity.
  • Minor Decay
    If patients don’t come for regular cleans, sometimes minor decay that is easily treated won’t be detected and when it gets larger and starts to hurt, that will be more difficult to treat. 

How Often Should You Visit Us For Teeth Cleaning in Adelaide?

Every teeth cleaning appointment in Adelaide varies depending on the patient. Some are more prone to dental issues, which calls for more frequent cleaning and professional attention. While others hardly experience any issues, which means that they don’t require as many teeth cleaning appointments. Needless to say, the general guideline patients should follow is to undergo teeth cleaning every six months. For less prone patients, at least one visit to the dentist can significantly help in preventing gum disease and other dental problems.


If you think you’re too busy to stick to teeth cleaning appointments, don’t worry. At Kent Town Dental, we offer flexible time arrangements. By doing so, we ensure all our patients can get access to our premium service. We allow for early morning or evening appointments to accommodate our patient’s concerns. We are also open on Saturday’s for your convenience. With this, we will guarantee time-efficient solutions so you can get on with your day.

Teeth Cleaning Adelaide

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