Root Canal Treatment Adelaide

What is Root Canal Treatment in Adelaide?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is popular among patients in Adelaide. It’s a straightforward and less invasive dental procedure that involves the removal of nerves and tissues in a tooth with a large cavity. This is necessary to prevent further infection developing while retaining your original tooth structure. Although the infection will stop, root canal treatments can leave a huge hole in your teeth. This then requires dental crowns to effectively and aesthetically cover the gap.

A patient’s root canal is found at the centre of the tooth, which holds the dental pulp. This pulp holds the blood vessels, nerves and other tissues which were essential during our growing years. When you develop a cavity and if left untreated, this region causes sensitivity and pain. At Kent Town Dental, we have over ten years of experience which allowed us to perform such treatments with precision and efficiency.

Root Canal Treatment Adelaide
Root Canal Treatment Adelaide

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment in Adelaide

While a root canal treatment in Adelaide can appear too harsh, it offers many benefits to patients. These benefits include:

  1. Pain and Infection is Resolved
    As mentioned, root canal treatments eliminate the nerve that causes pain and sensitivity. Along with that, the bacteria is also removed during the procedure. This way, the possible spread of bacteria to your neighbouring teeth is permanently stopped.
  2. It Can Save Your Teeth
    The goal of root canal treatments is to save your natural teeth. It involves drilling out the infected area, thus, leaving a hole. But you don’t have don’t worry about this gap or space. After you heal from the treatment, dental crowns will be placed to mimic that natural look of your teeth.

What to Expect After a Root Canal Treatment in Adelaide

After your root canal treatment in Adelaide, our dentist will provide instructions that you should follow. Since this treatment is still invasive, expect pain when the painkillers have worn off. While these temporary side effects will usually lessen with over-the-counter medications, our dentist may prescribe stronger medication depending on your case. Additionally, the patient should avoid any strenuous activities for one to two weeks according to your body’s capacity to heal.

Aside from that, we also suggest that you only eat softer foods for the first few days and never miss out on the prescribed medications’ schedule. Whenever you eat, try to chew gently and away from the affected area. Moreover, we also discourage our patients from using a hard-bristled toothbrush and instead, gently cleaning the neighbouring teeth.

While our dentists are experts, it doesn’t completely guarantee patients will be free from complications. So if you experience severe pain for days, visible swelling or any persistent symptoms, contact us immediately.

Root Canal Treatment Adelaide

Ready to ditch the pain? Find out why our premium root canal treatment in Adelaide is popular.

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