Children's Dentist Adelaide

What’s the Difference Between Adult and Children’s Dentists in Adelaide?

As you may know, children and adults’ bone structures differ as they grow, which is why the distinction between children’s dentists and adult dentists in Adelaide is important. While all dentists are known to be doctors of oral health, not all of them have experience working with both. At Kent Town Dental, our children’s dentist can care for your children’s developmental stage teeth. Our role is crucial to helping kids have good teeth throughout their growing phase.

Having a bad set of milk teeth can affect how the permanent teeth will grow. During puberty, genetics play a big role in many aspects, including having a crooked smile. However, in many cases, milk teeth get in the way of permanent teeth, causing teens to have crooked teeth. This is why it’s crucial to have regular visits with us. By doing so, you get ahead of the situation and prevent the expenses from installing alignment procedures.

Children's Dentist Adelaide
Children's Dentist Adelaide

How to Find a Reliable Children’s Dentist in Adelaide

If you’re wondering how to find a trustworthy children’s dentist in Adelaide, here are some factors you need to consider:

  1. Referral
    Ask other parents for their recommendations. Words from fellow parents can add significant peace of mind when it comes to our children’s welfare. This being said, consider their referral. You can even visit their referred dentist to verify.
  2. Online Reviews
    Checking your prospective dentist’s website can be helpful in assessing how strangers find their services. However, you have to watch out for biased reviews.
  3. Patience and Warmth
    Kids can be difficult to handle. They will most likely cry and throw a tantrum. For this reason, ensuring your potential dentist has unlimited patience is vital. Oftentimes, being friendly and warm can help in connecting with a child, thus, calming them down. With this, it’s best to witness how your prospective dentist acts around a child.

Warm and Friendly Children’s Dentist in Adelaide

Bringing your child to an appointment with our children’s dentist in Adelaide can be challenging, however, not when you visit a reliable clinic like Kent Town Dental. Ideally, when you notice your child is already growing a gummy grin, introducing him or her to a dentist is important. By doing so, you can establish at an early age how vital it is to regularly visit dentists. However, we understand how hard it is to entrust your child’s oral health to just any dentist.

Fortunately, at Kent Town Dental, we are renowned for the welcoming, friendly and high-quality services we provide. We make sure our patients, especially children, are relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

“Dr Francis is awesome! He is gentle, kind, professional and skilful and made me feel at ease. He didn’t pressure me into anything and explained everything and all of my options extremely thoroughly. He doesn’t rush and pays great attention to detail and continuously makes sure you are OK. Would highly recommend this clinic”. – Gracie Julia

Children's Dentist Adelaide

Entrust your children’s oral health care with our gentle children’s dentist in Adelaide. Call our team today to schedule an appointment.

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