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In order to keep your healthy smile, booking a regular visit with a dentist in Adelaide is essential. By doing so, you prevent yourself from experiencing tooth decay and other painful oral problems. Our ten years of experience has allowed us to offer reliable and comprehensive services, including cleanings, root canal treatment, crown installation, fillings, implants, dentures and more. At Kent Town Dental, we treat our clients like family, which has enabled us to gain our patients’ trust and provide them with comfortable dental service.

Combining our years of experience with top of the line dental tools and equipment, we have been the preferred dental care provider of many patients across Adelaide. We guarantee no-gap pay for patients covered with dental health insurance. Otherwise, if you’re not under any, you can rest assured that we offer fixed prices and flexible payment plans for patients without insurance.

Dentist Adelaide
Dentist Adelaide

What are the Benefits of a Routine Check-Up With a Dentist in Adelaide

At Kent Town Dental, we offer a premium range of dentist services in Adelaide. Typically, a routine check up is done every six months or during year-round visits from our dentist. This visit includes a comprehensive dental examination to ensure there are no problems with your oral health. It also consists of a gum health check-up, which ensures your gums are kept healthy and free from bacteria. Additionally, we offer professional teeth cleaning services that can remove plaque build-up and protect your teeth from cavities. If we detect early decay and possible tooth impaction, performing X-rays will be necessary.

It’s important to note that regardless of whether your teeth are free from issues, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are always safe. In fact, they still need protection. Your enamel can be damaged from what you eat and drink, which is acidic in nature. That’s why we also offer fluoride treatment to keep your teeth’s enamel strong.

A Dentist in Adelaide You Can Trust

We believe that a high-quality dentist in Adelaide should be available to everyone. This is why we offer our services at an affordable price. From adults to paediatric patients, our services are accessible to your whole family, saving you time and money hopping from different dentists. We are a family run business, which is why we understand that a relaxing environment is important during a dentist visit. We strive to provide a comforting experience to all of our customers.

“Thank you Dr William for the great work you have done. Awesome dentist with very gentle and skilful hands. Wonderful experience with such comfort and a relaxing time that I almost snoozed off. I will highly recommend to all my friends.” – Tim M.

Dentist Adelaide

Maintain your oral health with a dentist in Adelaide. Book an appointment with Kent Town Dental today!

Helping Patients Through Affordable Dentist Services in Adelaide

Most of the time, people without insurance quickly jump to the conclusion that an affordable dentist in Adelaide is out of their reach. Fortunately, we offer flexible payment options for uninsured patients and guarantee no gap fees for those who have private health. At Kent Town Dental, the latter option is not just on a one-off basis, unlike in other clinics you’ll come across. Delivering outstanding dental solutions is our promise and we have been fulfilling it for over ten years.

As a family-run clinic, we understand how financial situations can alter our decisions. That’s why we treat every patient like our family to avoid further stress and discomfort. We will take time to listen to your concerns, goals and feedback to ensure you are satisfied with the experience. At Kent Town Dental, not only do we provide impeccable dental service, but we will also genuinely help people regardless of age and status.

Affordable Dentist Adelaide
Affordable Dentist Adelaide

Recommended Affordable Dental Care by Our Dentist in Adelaide

Generally, when someone claims to know an affordable dentist in Adelaide, there will be a lot of raised eyebrows. While it’s true that dental procedures can be expensive, holding off dentist visits can cause serious repercussions. Typically, this is what most patients experience due to their long-overdue dental visits. This leads to needing more complex solutions, which evidently have higher fees. Luckily, there are preventive ways that you can prevent this cost.

  1. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene
  2. Teeth Cleaning
  3. Booking an Appointment with Kent Town Dental

How to Find a Reliable and Affordable Dentist in Adelaide

Kent Town Dental is not only your affordable dentist in Adelaide, but a dentist that you can trust. We do not, however, compromise on our high standards to offer you these affordable prices.

New patient or not, it’s your right to know the expenses your dental procedure will involve. If your prospective dentist hesitates to provide a clear breakdown and tells you another payment option is unavailable, then consider this as a huge red flag. Here at Kent Town, we take pride in having many customers who are satisfied with our services.

To give you an idea, here’s a shortlist of our most common procedures with guaranteed satisfying results:

  • Check-up, 2 X-rays, scale and clean plus fluoride treatment $195 (No-Gap if you have private health insurance)
  • Extraction $140 – $350 (Depending on complexity, simple or surgical extraction)
  • Dental Filling $135 – $300 (depending on the size and complexity)

Affordable Dentist Adelaide
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