Wisdom Teeth Removal Adelaide

Wisdom Teeth Removal Expert in Adelaide

If you’re struggling with jaw and gum pain, you might need a wisdom teeth removal procedure. Here at Kent Town Dental in Adelaide, we put our client’s health first. We put every ounce of care and effort into our procedures, promising a painless experience. It’s proven that our general health is heavily linked to our oral health. Therefore, it’s vital that we look after our teeth and gums as much as our overall health.

It’s true that most patients only visit the dentist when they’re experiencing dental issues or pain. We believe in a different mindset –prevention is the best cure. However, not all dental problems are preventable; for example, you can’t control when your wisdom teeth start to hurt. In that case, removing them as soon as possible is best. So contact us today to book your next visit and improve your oral health.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your Trusted Dentist in Adelaide – Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our Doctors at Kent Town Dental are specialists in dental care – handling everything from wisdom teeth removal to general oral hygiene. Our dental practice in Adelaide consists of three doctors primed to help you with all your dental needs. Our primary dentist, Dr Francis Wong, is joined by Dr William Mak and Dr Ryan Chan to form a practice that’s here to help, no matter the issue. So whether you need a scale and polish, braces, a root canal or an extraction, we have the expertise to take care of it.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all procedures run smoothly. Your comfort is our priority, and using cutting-edge tools ensures the best customer experience. In addition, we offer emergency services. If you have sudden pain from your wisdom teeth, call us, and we’ll book you an appointment for our earliest opening.

A Dentist in Adelaide That Performs Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain and discomfort? Contact us for careful and gentle wisdom teeth removal in Adelaide. If you’re experiencing pain towards the back of your jaws or gums, it’s best to contact your dentist immediately. They’ll be able to tell what the cause of the pain is and determine if it’s your wisdom teeth or not. However, there are a few signs that you may need your wisdom teeth removed:

  • Inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Cysts
  • Earaches or headaches
  • Jaw pain and stiffness
  • Constant sinus issues

Removing your wisdom teeth when they cause more significant issues such as crooked teeth or overcrowding is essential. Contact our dentists in Adelaide to book an appointment today so that they can determine the cause of the problem. We may not need to remove your wisdom teeth at all!

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Contact our dentists in Adelaide today for careful and painless wisdom teeth removal. We’ll gladly help you get your smile back.

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