Invisalign Adelaide

Invisalign Treatment in Adelaide

As the preferred dentist of many patients, we offer a wide range of dental treatments, including Invisalign in Adelaide. With over ten years of experience, we always make sure our patients feel safe and relaxed during any routine check-up or procedure. Unlike other clinics that merely work as consulting doctors, we offer care and help to patients through hands-on, friendly and warm work. This is the reason why we are the top choice among dental health care providers in Adelaide.

At Kent Dental Town, we are dedicated to our services, which reflect transparency, compassion, integrity and respect. We believe high-quality dental care should be available for all. That’s why we offer guaranteed no gap fees if you have health insurance. From basic treatments to more complex procedures, we assure you that our premium services are competitively priced. With this, we ensure everybody gets access to sophisticated yet affordable dental care.

Invisalign Adelaide
Invisalign Adelaide

What is Invisalign and How Does it Improve Smiles in Adelaide?

Invisalign is a state of the art innovation that is trusted by about 10.9 million people worldwide, not just in Adelaide. Unlike braces, it has an unobtrusive appearance which is ideal for patients who shy away from having noticeable braces. Invisalign is composed of a series of thin and clear plastic aligners that, with overtime usage, helps in straightening teeth. This type of teeth aligning technology is manufactured individually according to the patient’s dental diagnosis.

While braces use fixed wires to straighten teeth, Invisalign uses moulds that need to be changed every four to six weeks. This frequent change creates movement as teeth gently shift into your desired location. If you opt for Invisalign, you can expect improvement around six months into using the moulds. However, like any other dental treatment, the period is dependent on the patient’s unique case. Although both braces and Invisalign can straighten teeth, they have their differences.

Braces Vs Invisalign Treatment in Adelaide

Choosing Invisalign in Adelaide over other treatments solely relies on your personal preference. So to help you decide, here are some advantages of Invisalign:

Comfortable and Convenient
Invisalign is completely removable. Making eating, brushing and flossing easier.

Length of Treatment
Invisalign treatment is significantly shorter with approximately six to 18 months, compared to braces which need a two-year average time.

Fewer Dentist Visits
If you choose Invisalign, you don’t have to visit your dentist so frequently for adjustments. It also requires less surgery compared to traditional wired braces.

Contrary to braces, which often have fixed prices, Invisalign costs are flexible. It depends on the number of mould trays you require and the severity of changes needed.

As mentioned before, Invisalign is made out of clear and thin plastic moulds that are almost invisible. So if you want to straighten your teeth without getting too much attention, then you should consider Invisalign.

Are you ready to straighten your teeth discreetly using Invisalign in Adelaide? Contact Kent Dental Town today!

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